Film Reviews from Faulkner County

Welcome: This is a blog. I will write about movies and shows (but mostly movies). It’s a personal exercise in creativity.

I spent a long time trying to put a finger on what it is I’m trying to do here. How professional should this site look? Should I have a logo? Should I have a mission statement and a business plan and sponsors??

I decided to throw out all the questions swirling around in my overwrought brain except for “should I have a mission statement?” and on the other side I had the mantra above. I love film and tv, but especially film. As an art form it has consistently been a joyous escape from my mundane reality. Star Wars, the Disney cartoon Robin Hood, and Toy Story were the first vivid experiences I recall from my young days, first realizing that movies are magic.

I won’t restrict myself to any particular format of post (i.e review, compare/contrast), because I don’t do well with rules, let alone rules I self-impose. But I can promise you this: this blog will be regularly updated (weekly or twice-weekly) and it will be interesting. It’ll spur your love for movies and challenge the way you think about them, and on top of that, it’ll help you decide whether or not to catch the next hot (or under-the-radar) flick.

As stated, this is a personal exercise. You’re welcome to join me on my journey as I learn more about how to watch films, critiquing, and enjoying them. Whatever you decide, I’m still going. 

Also, if you’re on Letterboxd and you’d like to see more cine-phile activity, follow my account.

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